If you are working with diverse systems, or you need to overcome the challenge of having multiple people collaborate on applications and share the content, Isaac will make your life simpler and easier.

Highlights of Isaac

Simple, straightforward set up

Our configuration is built in, so you can log in and go. Our experienced team will assist you with any personal specifications to tailor Isaac to your needs.

Our training is complete only when you tell us you feel confident to manage yourself independently.

Your Data is Secure

No need to worry about losing data, or being without access to your system. We maintain a disaster recovery environment for you included in your contract terms.

A separate testing environment can also be accessed to train new users and test new policies before “going live”.

Feel Free To Customize

You are in the driver’s seat and can configure Isaac with your own rules and policies. Add in your preferred language for approval conditions, format your commitments to your liking, set up who sees what in each application. It’s your choice.

Better Reporting

You will know more about your business than you ever did. With our extensive list of reporting choices, the ability to slice and dice data, and export to other tools you will be empowered to make more informed decisions.

When We Improve, You Improve

Enhancements and improvements we make are included as no charge upgrades to your instance of Isaac. Training and supporting material is provided well in advance of going live with enhancements.

Client Care

Our dedicated client care team is available seven days a week, so you will never be left hanging and not be able to deliver to your clients.

Additional Benefits

Built in Document Management System

Pre-filled Documents to eliminate data rekeying

Audit Trail for changes made post approval

Connections to Default Insurers and Credit Reporting Agencies

Deal Workflow and Task Management included in every application

Isaac manages your documents, keeps track of your “to do” list, checks for risks and exceptions and retains a history of all correspondences and actions for you.

When you choose Isaac as your go-to solution you are electronically connected to the most productive mortgage brokers in Canada with Newton’s Broker Operating Platform – Velocity. With a simple Premiere Lender Selection Menu in their application you will receive the complete application data set, credit reporting and supporting documents directly and seamlessly into Isaac.

Application Processing

Connectivity to Mortgage Brokers


Fulfillment and Funding

Other Products

Velocity is our mortgage broker operating platform that pulls everything you need into one secure, cloud based system.

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Link is our data exchange system that connects Velocity and other Third Party solutions to deliver direct application connectivity to lenders and industry partners.

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