Current version: V3.20

Lender API Overview

The Lender API enables a lender to retrieve both applications and documents while providing ongoing digital interaction between brokers and lenders. The interaction between lenders and brokers using this API is seamless, we have automated the complete process including the submission, responses in both directions, the creation of mortgage commitments with/without conditions through to the funding of the mortgage.

Newton will help you with custom work that may be required for your implementation. Our preference to have all our lender partners upgraded to our latest schema. Please Note: Document submission is only available with schema 3.19 or higher.

Our project team will gladly work through a plan to get you connected to our extensive Mortgage Originator network by setting up a development sandbox with access to POS application data entry to allow your team to work independently. We will share our experiences and best practices to make this process as smooth as possible.

The Lender API has the following operations:

For more information, request the latest Lender Package where we can share the entire schemas, calls, tools for implementation, sample applications and credentials.

Key Features

Lender API Upgrades

We understand that upgrading to our newest schema may not always work into your schedule, therefore we are committed to supporting our previous schema versions for a period of time to help you in preparing for future upgrades.

Our current active schema versions are shown here with the changes implemented in each to convey the added benefits in each new version. Each version has an “end of life” plan where we will no longer be supporting that version. We will communicate a plan with you to upgrade your end of life version six months in advance of that date.

End of Life Planning

V3.16 – March 2022

V3.17 – September 2022

V3.18 – March 2023

V3.19 – March 2024

V3.20 – September 2026

Version Differences

Differences between 3.19 and 3.20

Allow for submission of multiple raw data elements for a customer's credit report  (ie. FFF and XML for Equifax)

Added new dropdown/combo values:

Rename attributes to follow attribute naming convention (starting with small letters):

Rename elements to follow element naming convention (starting with capital letters):

Update type of amount attributes, allowing for values up to 99,999,999.99 (Money102FixedType instead of Money92FixedType):

Differences between 3.18 and 3.19

Differences between 3.17 and 3.18

Add new element to capture customer’s employer company information:

Add new attribute to capture joint customer number on the bureau:

Add new attribute to capture customer employment’s time in industry (date started):

Add new attribute to capture individual’s suffix:

Add new attributes to capture additional rental expenses:

Rename attribute that captures the Underwriter’s user ID in Link

Remove unused dropdown/combo values:

Added new dropdown/combo values:

Differences between 3.16 and 3.17

Add new attribute to capture additional details for Purpose of Loan:

Add new attribute to capture improvements description:

Add new attributes to capture customer address’ original purchase price and date:

Add new attribute to capture Lender’s line of business:

Add new attribute to capture liability repayment type:

Added new dropdown/combo values: