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With the ‘new normal’ of serving clients from a distance, Newton is helping you deliver as close to a face to face experience as possible, regardless of your submission platform of choice.

This short video series focuses on 3 easy steps that will turn anyone into a video conferencing pro. Learn how to create an interpersonal experience with your clients and review the approval package together without ever having to meet in-person.

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Whether you’re a Velocity or Expert user, in less than 10 minutes you can learn how to utilize various elements to deliver a better client approval experience.

Part 1

In the first part of this short series, we take you through how to download Zoom and create a meeting invite.

Part 2

How to send the signing package to your client and invite them to meet virtually to review it together using the Zoom meeting information we created in the previous meeting.

Highlights: send approval package over Velocity or your regular email platform

Part 3

Watch Luisa Hough (Xeva Mortgage) meet her client virtually over Zoom to review and sign the approval package together. Luisa shows you how to make up for the lack of face time that you would get from an in-person meeting.

Highlights: share screen, take remote control of mouse, eSign

Want to know more?

Check back soon for tutorial sessions on how to utilize various Velocity features to help your clients complete the approval process remotely.

Newton is currently offering eSign complimentary for everyone until the end of the year.

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