eSign Cancellation Button Plus MPP and Dashboard Updates

This week’s system updates include eSign and MPP improvements, Dashboard Pre-Approval column upgrade, plus a Prince Edward Island Disclosure to Borrower form. 

eSign Updates

  • Ability to cancel a previously sent request directly from your Communication History section
  • eSign UI updates to the signing status 
  • As of Aug. 1st, eSign credits will be available as part of the Velocity Enhanced package or for a bundled purchase. 
    • Sharing is caring – indicate team members to share credits with on your Settings page
    • Monitor Transaction History and Credit Usage

Disclosure Form Added

  • You can now generate a PEI Statement of Disclosure in Velocity

Dashboard Organizational Updates 

  • Pre-approval deals that are cancelled or declined will move to the appropriate column
  • Leads column UI update to display all of the most recently added leads directly on the Dashboard

Conditions and Documents Updates

  • Organize your borrower focused documents – label documents by client with a new drop down menu

MPP Update for Pre-Approvals

  • Only deals with the Approval status will be permitted to pull MPP quotes or generate forms