Live Online Training

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Getting Started

Get Submitting Today

We make getting started on Velocity easy!

This session will take you through the key function of Velocity—submitting a deal quickly and efficiently. Learn how to create a new deal, navigate the application, select a lender and product, and submit.


All About Documents

I’ve submitted my deal, now what?

From document collection to compliance, this session will cover everything you need to know about getting your deals funded faster!

EZ Account Access & eSign

*This session is available by recording only. Click below to watch at your leisure.*

Speed up your process with two of Velocity’s favourite tools.

This demonstration will show you how to gather client’s bank account statements using EZ Account Access AND how to use our eSign platform.


ActiveCRM Workflows

Stay connected with your clients

Find out how you can stay on top of each and every one of your clients offering them all an equally amazing experience at no extra effort with the help of our Workflows.


Add a personal touch when communicating to your clients for birthdays, mortgage anniversaries, term maturities, and pre-approval rate expiries. It’s as easy as selecting your templates and turning on your campaigns.

Client Experience

Client Experience – Take yours to the next level!

The Velocity Client Experience is unmatched in the mortgage industry—in this session we will show you why! Learn how to customize, send, and integrate Client Experience to make your life easier in the process!