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Live Online Training

Live Online Training is provided for all levels, from “Getting Started” through to “Advanced.” Register below to take part in a session of your choice, or click to watch a pre-recorded session.



Getting Started

Introduction to Velocity & Deal Submission

Get some advice from the pros and cut down on the amount of time it takes to fill out your first application.

Join this orientation session to help you get started as a first step on your Velocity Journey.

Client Experience

This is going to seriously enhance the way you do business.

Introducing the Client Experience, a combined online application and document collection portal.

  • Completed applications and supporting documents together as one
  • Faster, condition-free approvals
  • Improved experience for your client
  • Better relationship building with your lender

Velocity Demo

Want to get a feel for what the system is all about? Join us for a demo!


Please note: This demo is not meant to be viewed for training purposes, but rather an overall look at the system and its capabilities. 

Update Your Historical Deals

Prepare your Historical Deals for the New CRM

A lot of people are asking us what they can do to prepare for the new CRM system coming out April 1st. Attend this session to learn how to make sure your imported data is opted in for CRM and brought onto your Deals Dashboard.


The Next Steps

I’ve submitted my deal, now what?

Jump on this session to learn how to work your deal from submitted to complete, create a Conditions List,  Signing Package (including Disclosure Documents), and use the Client Portal.

EZ Account Access & eSign

Speed up your process with two of Velocity’s favourite tools

This demonstration will show you how to gather client’s bank account statements using EZ Account Access AND how to use our eSign platform.


Active CRM - Daily Task Manager and Workflows

Stay connected with your clients

Find out how you can stay on top of each and every one of your clients offering them all an equally amazing experience at no extra effort with the help of our Workflows, Tasks and CRM. Plus, don’t forget about our groundbreaking direct texting tool!

VelocityCRM Templates

This is the first step towards setting up the new VelocityCRM Join in for help getting started building your Audiences before you set up your Campaigns.

Want to outsource some of the set up?

All you have to do is ask

VelocityCRM Campaigns and Audience Lists

This is the second step towards setting up your VelocityCRM. Plug your Templates into your Campaigns to send to clients when a new application has been received, when the deal has been approved, or just to wish them a happy birthday. Choose your delivery – pick from either a Dynamic or Target Audience.