Find out what some of our clients have to say about Velocity

“This system has everything in one place. I love it”.

Joeseph Galati – Underwriting Manager, MCC iDirect

“I had a reason to call Newton last week to ask a few questions and the experience from a customer perspective was fantastic. Another great reason to jump on board today.”

Lee Perry

Jeff Herrington, Producers West

“If you’re not using Velocity and their CRM you’re missing out and working too hard!! Not kidding, it’s incredible. Get on there today and set up your 2020 for success!!” 😀🤩🤓

Amber Mihm Andrew, Forest City Funding

“I love the staff at your Customer Care Center! When I get stumped, I can always call your friendly staff for a very quick solution.  I like how they can jump right into the application I’m working on to show me exactly where I’ve gone wrong, and I learn something every time I call in. There has never been an occasion where they could not help within three minutes.  They are all amazing, wonderful people who are very good at their jobs. Couldn’t do it without them.”

Jessica Matthies, Kelleway MA

“I was hesitant to make the change to Velocity. I’d heard great things, but sometimes it’s easier to default to what we know, rather than learn something new.
Boy am I glad I made the jump! After a week of playing around with Velocity part time, I made the switch. Not only is Velocity more intuitive from a file flow point of view but having an all-encompassing system to track clients and files from start to finish and beyond has streamlined my productivity.

My volume and number of files closed are both up, and I attribute that to Velocity. Such an awesome asset to my business!”

Aaron Phinney, MA

“I am a fan of Velocity and all the great features that it offers to us brokers in order to be more efficient and effective when working on deals.  There are many great features, but I want to highlight one feature in particular that I feel helped me secure an approval from a lender – and that is the ability to retrieve a borrower’s bank account statements (with their consent) directly from their financial institution.  For one particular deal, I had a lady who worked with a start-up company that was still not fully set up and her income was difficult to prove.  Using Velocity though, I was able to retrieve her bank statements directly from her Credit Union to show the lender that she was indeed getting paid consistently for the last 3 months. The fact that the bank account came directly from her Credit Union via Velocity, I think, made the difference and re-assured the lender that she was indeed gainfully employed at that time.  I would highly recommend brokers learn about all the features that Velocity offers which could help their business not only be more efficient (such as e-signing, Discovery, etc.), but potentially help secure approvals as in my example.”

Danny Duong, Mortgage Architects

“I’ve incorporated the email tagging feature into my contact process and I am absolutely delighted.  The ability to keep an email audit trail right within the deal is exactly what I needed!”

Bobby Magee, Entrust Mortgage

“Thanks to making the change from Filogix to Velocity and the helpful underwriting team at my firm, I am now able to handle twice the volume.”

Andrew Homeyer, Xeva

“I love the system. It’s so functional and organized.”

Patricia Flores-Sabater, DLC Producers West

“Drag and drop is ridiculously cool. How did I not know about this?”

(Talking about the ability to drag and drop support documents right into the deal.)

Jim Steffler – Dominion Lending Centres TLC

“Velocity is great. I’m liking the Modern View and the MPP feature is nice and easy to use.”

Steve Chang, MA

“Me personally, I absolutely love Velocity compared to the old system. It’s easier to use and a lot faster, plus I don’t have to click save every time.”

Muhammed Aamir Khalique, DLC Producers West

“I love it, I’ve been submitting deals through the system and I love it. I love how it auto saves and doesn’t bump you out after 29 minutes. I don’t know how many times I’ve been on the phone with a client and had to go through the login process and restart the application.”

Kim Lindsay – DLC Calgary

“I just noticed the AIR REPORT…Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!No more messing around in three systems or those stupid spread sheets to try and figure out the volumes, lenders, etc.!

Thank you again!!!”

Heather Hellings, Jencor

“I was scared it was going to be hard, but it was so easy. I told my clients to bear with me as it was my first deal, but I blew through it like I’ve been at it for years”

Ana Cruz, City Mortgage Group

“I’ve been using Velocity as my mortgage management for over 7 years. Velocity has allowed me to build a highly efficient, organized process for every step of the mortgage generation path. In addition to simply putting out a system, the team at Velocity was open to feedback on how to optimize their system to suit MY needs.

Trust Velocity, a solution built by mortgage brokers for mortgage brokers to finally improve rigid, outdated deal management options of old.”

Shaun Serefini, DLC

“I was introduced to Velocity over a year ago and knew that it would help me build and keep track of my growing business. I was very excited to start learning, but became extremely busy to the point that I was not able to learn a new system at the time. Fast forward and now I see that the learning curve won’t be that difficult. It will take some time to learn the system in its entirety, but my Trainer, Graeme, has helped me every step of the way and at my own pace.”

Livian Smith, DLC

Cindy White, DLC The Valko Team

“I just discovered the feature to re-add a previously deleted applicant in Velocity. This is AMAZING!!! This saved me a ton of time and made it soooo much quicker to resubmit a file. Just wanted to say thanks! This is definitely a feature I didn’t realize I needed but will be used a ton!”

Kaitlyn Moore, DLC HT Mortgage

“I recently had to pleasure of talking to David in Customer Care when I had an issue entering my first application in Velocity.  David was amazing to deal with.   He walked me through the details and helped me get my application submitted.    I truly appreciated his patience and knowledge.  I wouldn’t hesitate to reach out to Customer Care in the future.”

Michelle Zimmerman – DLC Calgary

“I love the system, I really do. I love the application process, it’s really easy.”

Debra Winter – Select Mortgage

Matt Kee – MortgageLine

“I wanted to let you know I LOVE the use of the Deal Task.    It organizes me even more, and there is nothing more than I love, than being organized!!”

Stefanie LoRe Denova Group

Jason Suttie – EnTrust

“I really like the GDS/TDS breakdown – it helps me find out right away what might be missing or if there’s an error.”

Robin Klassen, Entrust

“I like the Client Portal, it’s going to be so easy to communicate everything. “Bada bing, bada boom!”

Deb Burnstein – City Wide

Jason Zailo – Modern Mortgages

Steve Brouwer – EnTrust

This is exactly what I was looking for.

Crystal Donnelly, Mortgage Sisters West – River City Financial

“Velocity is user friendly, the 1-800# support is awesome and now that I know about smart conditions it is even better.”

Katherine McMinn – The Mortgage Centre, Sunshine Financial

Lori Snowden –

Kevin MacGregor

“eSign is wonderful. You know how often it happens when you send documents to clients and they come back half signed? With eSign that doesn’t happen anymore.”

Jen Steele, MA

Starting to really get into Velocity, some cool 😎 stuff!

Andrea Morris – MortgageLine

“Our team has been using Velocity for nearly 4 months.  With all new technology comes a learning curve but Newton has really worked hard to adapt and provide efficient training and extensive resources.  There are so many bells and whistles in the program, it really is all inclusive and they have been so forward thinking in their development. We are really looking forward to using this program to its full potential.”

Renee Walsh, Entrust

“Sarah has a great way of explaining the Velocity training in an easy to follow, and down to earth way. She’s friendly, easy going, and more importantly, really knowledgeable and insightful with her presentation. As a Broker who doesn’t always like change, Sarah makes me feel confident that Velociy is the right program for me and has offered to be there if I need any questions answered at any point! Thanks, Sarah!”

Reza Sabour, City Wide

This [eSign] is so easy!

Doria Zacharias – HT Mortgage Group

So far velocity is awesome!!! Making my life much easier.

Satpal S. Dosanjh, CFP Vice President of Business Development, Pacific Northwest Mortgage Corporation

Jamie MacLean –

Megan Lemay, HT Mortgage Group

“You’ve made this ridiculously simple.”

Glenn Issler’s client regarding the Client Portal

After being trained on Velocity I felt at ease.  Navigating is very simple.  Having all the categories on one page makes it easier to populate and amend.

Anna Fuci

Thank you for all of your help during the training sessions at Lawrie Thom’s office (MA).  I was able to gather enough information by just listening to you that I grasped the overall concepts.  Now I think I’m getting the little details straight in my mind, so progress has definitely been made, and it gets easier every day

Rick Dumas, MA

Velocity is a great tool for mortgage brokers as it is a submission and CRM package. I save a lot of time and money by having to only deal with one interface instead of multiple. On top of that the Velocity Team is always working towards evolving it into a better platform by introducing new key tools within the system. I like it!

Nathan Isherwood, Mortgage Advisor – Client First Mortgage Solutions Inc.

I like using velocity because it keeps my documents / workflow / and deal statuses at my fingertips. It also keeps my clients documents secure and easily accessible. The system makes it easy to make sure my brokers are being compliant.

The built in CRM keeps me front of mind with my clients. The new features constantly being innovated by Newton continue to make my job easier.

Steve D’Souza, Mortgage Advisor – Client First Mortgages

I DO love Velocity!

I love Velocity because it doesn’t require a full page reload between sections of the application, making it much easier to get ratio calculations in real time as you’re going through the app (Which is the way it should be!). I love the dropdown box to see exactly how the ratios are being calculated – so I know exactly where I’m off if I’m getting a number that doesn’t line up. I have also started using the Client Portal and even though I told myself, ‘It won’t be for everyone, not all of my clients will be comfortable using it,’ I’ve had 100% success with it. Clients find it easier, more secure and it’s plain and simple to see what I’m asking them for and what they have left to send.

I haven’t even fully scratched the surface with Velocity, but I do know that every day I read on broker groups about other software letting people down and I have yet to have issues pulling bureaus, logging in, calculating ratios, clearing browser history – all of those things are problems of the past. I’m so glad I was given the chance to be an early adopter – it’s made a huge difference for me.

Rebecca Casey – Origin

After working in Velocity on a daily basis since it’s launch, I can’t imagine using a different platform. It’s crucial to have a very fast and responsive one page application like this, to be as efficient as possible. One of my favourite features is the drop-down GDS and TDS boxes. They make it super easy to see where input errors have occurred if something doesn’t look right. 

Thanks also to the support staff who are very quick to reply and work diligently resolve any issues that come up, while offering suggestions to avoid errors in the future.

Adam Clarke – Pinsky Mortgages

“Anna was worried that switching systems would be challenging, but after our training session, she couldn’t wait to get started”

Broker, Get A Better Mortgage.

Velocity is great tool for mortgage brokers as it is a submission and CRM package. I save a lot of time and money by having to only deal with one interface instead of multiples. On top of that the Velocity team is always working towards evolving Velocity into a better platform by introducing key new tools within the system. I like it.

Nathan Isherwood – Mortgage Advisor, Client First Mortgage Solutions Inc.

As with any new venture, there are growing pains. It was a bit overwhelming at first, however, when I started to break it down, it became simple. The system is very user friendly and offers a lot of options. It allows you to communicate effectively with your client every step of the application, from entry to renewal.

I want to thank the customer service centre. They were and are continuously there to assist me when I need support. The training I received from Michelle was undeniably paramount to successfully using Velocity.

Stefanie LoRe – Denova Group

I just wanted to take a minute to give a shout out to the team at Velocity/Newton!  Since I have joined this new platform in June, they have all been wonderful with my many questions and suggestions 🙂  I have been able to easily transition from my old system to this amazing new one!  Love that I only need one spot now to do all my mortgages and contact my data base. I’m still working on utilizing every aspect of this amazing platform but so far I am beyond impressed!.

Karen Millington, AMP Manager, Residential Mortgages

“Thanks for all the help getting me set up on the new system. I have been waiting for a new organized system to come along that will help me stay organized with all my clients from leads to funded and afterwards with the CRM. It seemed overwhelming at first but with your help and after entering a few applications it is becoming second nature. Thanks again for the help and I look forward to working with you and the new system.”

Jeff Herrington, Producers West Financial

Wanted to give you and your team kudos for being open and assisting in out conversion to Velocity. Our team is submitting 100% through Velocity and we’re getting positive feedback from lenders! I’m really excited to start using this system to its full capacity.

Megan Lemay, HT Mortgage Group

“You were a great help and Velocity is a game changer for all mortgage brokers. It is so convenient to have a CRM/Submission system that helps you follow up with clients, communicate with lenders and store all documents. This system allows you to conduct all of your business in one easy to use system. It makes the mortgage process seamless from beginning to end.”

Sunny Sarai, Vice President of Operations, Pacific Northwest Mortgage Corporation

I have always been a technology fan and believe that in order to stay relevant as a mortgage professional in the next 10 years I will need to find every technological advantage possible. Velocity delivers the technology needed for me to achieve this consistently. The speed, functionality and added extras of velocity are exceptional. Velocity bridged a massive gap when they were able to connect to all lenders this year. Now with the advancement of being able to retrieve down payment documents for the clients and integrated E-signatures all housed within each client’s unique client portal, velocity is speeding away from any other origination system. My associate and I are able to take all our applications from our initial call, to lender submission, compliance document preparation and signature, to closing a file. As an added bonus our payroll is all automated through velocity.

Marc Lalonde

“I have just recently had the opportunity to use the Client Portal and was very happy with how easy it was to send my client a document request package and even more pleased that they were able to easily upload those documents right into the application, I then quickly reviewed them and was able to get the Pre-Qualification ready in very short order!”

Tony Rossander, Origin Mortgages

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