Find out what some of our clients have to say about Velocity

“This system has everything in one place. I love it”.

Joeseph Galati – Underwriting Manager, MCC iDirect

“Velocity is user friendly, the 1-800# support is awesome and now that I know about smart conditions it is even better.”

Katherine McMinn – The Mortgage Centre, Sunshine Financial

Kevin McGregor

I just wanted to take a minute to give a shout out to the team at Velocity/Newton!  Since I have joined this new platform in June, they have all been wonderful with my many questions and suggestions 🙂  I have been able to easily transition from my old system to this amazing new one!  Love that I only need one spot now to do all my mortgages and contact my data base. I’m still working on utilizing every aspect of this amazing platform but so far I am beyond impressed!.

Karen Millington, AMP Manager, Residential Mortgages

“Thanks for all the help getting me set up on the new system. I have been waiting for a new organized system to come along that will help me stay organized with all my clients from leads to funded and afterwards with the CRM. It seemed overwhelming at first but with your help and after entering a few applications it is becoming second nature. Thanks again for the help and I look forward to working with you and the new system.”

Jeff Herrington, Producers West Financial

Wanted to give you and your team kudos for being open and assisting in out conversion to Velocity. Our team is submitting 100% through Velocity and we’re getting positive feedback from lenders! I’m really excited to start using this system to its full capacity.

Megan Lemay, HT Mortgage Group

I have always been a technology fan and believe that in order to stay relevant as a mortgage professional in the next 10 years I will need to find every technological advantage possible. Velocity delivers the technology needed for me to achieve this consistently. The speed, functionality and added extras of velocity are exceptional. Velocity bridged a massive gap when they were able to connect to all lenders this year. Now with the advancement of being able to retrieve down payment documents for the clients and integrated E-signatures all housed within each client’s unique client portal, velocity is speeding away from any other origination system. My associate and I are able to take all our applications from our initial call, to lender submission, compliance document preparation and signature, to closing a file. As an added bonus our payroll is all automated through velocity.

Marc Lalonde

After being trained on Velocity I felt at ease.  Navigating is very simple.  Having all the categories on one page makes it easier to populate and amend.

Anna Fuci

So far velocity is awesome!!! Making my life much easier.

Satpal S. Dosanjh, CFP Vice President of Business Development, Pacific Northwest Mortgage Corporation

“You’ve made this ridiculously simple.”

Glenn Issler’s client regarding the Client Portal

“You were a great help and Velocity is a game changer for all mortgage brokers. It is so convenient to have a CRM/Submission system that helps you follow up with clients, communicate with lenders and store all documents. This system allows you to conduct all of your business in one easy to use system. It makes the mortgage process seamless from beginning to end.”

Sunny Sarai, Vice President of Operations, Pacific Northwest Mortgage Corporation

Megan Lemay, HT Mortgage Group

“I have just recently had the opportunity to use the Client Portal and was very happy with how easy it was to send my client a document request package and even more pleased that they were able to easily upload those documents right into the application, I then quickly reviewed them and was able to get the Pre-Qualification ready in very short order!”

Tony Rossander, Origin Mortgages

“Anna was worried that switching systems would be challenging, but after our training session, she couldn’t wait to get started”

Broker, Get A Better Mortgage.

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