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20 Minute Training Sessions

Live Online Training is provided for all levels, from “Getting Started” through to “Advanced.” Register below to take part in a session of your choice, or click to watch a pre-recorded session.



Getting Started

Getting Started with Velocity

‘I have my login and my previous deals have been imported, now what?’

This is a great orientation session to get you started with your homepage and basic navigation, as well as application input including the online client facing app the ‘Client Journey’.

Entering an Application & Quick Tips

Get your mortgage application done faster

Get some advice from the pros and cut down on the amount of time it takes to fill out an application. This session will help you minimize the learning curve and become more efficient at filling out an application.


Conditions, Disclosure Docs and Deal Status

The next step after submission

You’ve submitted your deal, now what? Jump on this session to learn how to update your statuses to move your deal from approved to complete, create conditions lists to send to clients and complete your disclosure documents for compliance.

The Client Portal & Smart Conditions

Simplify the doc transfer process and save time and energy on your mortgage app

This session will show you how to automate your conditions lists and simplify the document transfer process with Smart Conditions and The Client Portal.

EZ Account Access

‘I want to get my client’s down payment confirmed as fast as possible.’

This demonstration will show you how easy it is to gather client’s bank account statements using EZ Account Access.


Accelerate the document signing process and get your deal done faster!

Jump on this training session to find out how clients can sign and send documents automatically back into your Velocity application.


Optimize your database

Have all your data transferred into Velocity but don’t know where to go from there?

You’re not going to want to miss this session in order to make your data live for CRM and avoid sending out multiple birthday cards or maturity notices.

Active & Passive CRM

Stay connected with your clients and optimize their experience.

Find out how you can stay on top of each and every one of your clients offering them all an equally amazing experience at no extra effort with the help of our CRM and Workflow Systems.

Converting Prospects to Funded

Got prospects that you want to turn into clients?

Learn how Velocity is set up to help you turn a prospective client into a funded deal.