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Campaign Delivery Countdown

As many of you have now completed your Nexa import and/or Historical Deals Training, and started the process of building your Templates, our attention turns to Campaigns.  We are continuing to add more options to the Campaigns menu as you begin to build your filters, selections, and create matches to your Audience Lists. The next step (launching Friday, April 16th) is for the Campaigns to go-live […]

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CRM Help

Need Help Setting Up Your New CRM? The new VelocityCRM is super easy-to-use and intuitive, but if you’re busy processing mortgage applications and finding there aren’t enough hours in the day, reach out for help. Just say the word! We’ve enlisted 4 trained CRM Contractors to help you get up and running with the following. Importing your […]

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VelocityCRM Go For Launch

Last week we announced that Templates and Audiences are available for you to start setting up your new VelocityCRM. Starting today, you can plug your Templates into your Campaign Editor to prepare for the CRM Campaign go-live date Friday, April 9th. We’ve given you a week leeway so you can start setting up your campaign without accidentally sending anything out. The Campaign […]

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Templates Training

Get Started With Templates Plus CRM Campaigns Timeline Last week we announced that Templates and Audiences are available for you to start setting up your new VelocityCRM.In order to start sending campaigns on the go-live date, you’re going to need templates. Check out the video below to learn how.  Make sure to take a peek at our VelocityCRM Campaigns timeline […]

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NEW Templates and Audiences

Start Building Your Templates and Audiences We’re excited to announce that as of today, you can start setting up your new VelocityCRM Templates and Audiences. Templates and Audiences are one of the first steps towards getting prepared for the new CRM. A week from now, starting on launch day (April 1st), you’ll be able to set your CRM Campaigns […]

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Importer vos demandes de Nexa

Introduction du Importer Vous pouvez maintenant importer vos demandes de Nexa directement dans votre compte de Velocity avec l’aide de notre nouvel outil d’importation. Pour savoir plus, regardez le vidéo ci-dessous. Importez vos données aujourd’hui et commencez à vous préparer pour le nouvelle VelocityCRM. Étape No. 1 Importer vos demandes de Nexa Étape No. 2 Préparez […]

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Join Us For The CRM Launch

Launch day is almost here and we wanted to let you know that we will be hosting two Facebook Live events in early April to celebrate and showcase the new system. The presentation will take you through what to expect with this out-of-this-world new system, followed by an open Q&A with top level Newton Executives. Click on […]

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Import Your Nexa Deals

Introducing The Importer You can now import your Nexa deals right into your Velocity account using our newly developed Importer Tool. To learn more, watch the 2 min video below or click to view the instructions. Get your data imported today and start preparing for the new VelocityCRM. Step 1) Import Your Nexa Deals Step 2) Prepare Your […]

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New CRM Landing Page

The new VelocityCRM is just weeks away from launch, and in order to keep you in-the-know we’ve created a centralized landing page that you can refer to for all CRM related information. Make sure to keep checking back on the page for updates as we get closer to the date! Check out the quick video to get a […]

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