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We strive to provide Application Developers with the tools you need to connect simply and easily with our products.

Below you will find introductions and links to documentation for all of our available Application Programming Interfaces (API’s).

Newton believes in open architecture and supports broker selected systems to connect your client application data to lenders.

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Our current API suite


Submit Leads, Contacts and Applications into Velocity

Connect your online client application data or CRM content to your Velocity Dashboard for submission to all Lenders with one API request.


Extract Contacts, Applications and Properties from Velocity

Populate your selected CRM solution with content from Velocity with one API request

Bypass and Replace Expert or Velocity with your own Point of Sale (POS) Mortgage System

Connect your own Mortgage System to a bundle of web services to deliver a complete end-to end operating system for Mortgage Brokers.

Seamlessly retrieve Applications and Documents whilst providing an  ongoing digital interaction between Brokers and Lenders.

Completely automated  process including the submission, responses in both directions and creation of mortgage commitments with/without conditions through to the funding of the mortgage.

Validate and Update Lender Products and filter clients against Product and Credit attributes.

Connect your submitted applications to accurate products and deliver accurate product datasets for payroll and CRM content.

Servicing API enables a LinkLender lender to send a completed file into their servicing platform of choice.

Connect your back-end system to our LinkLender Underwriting Platform. Continue with Funding, Servicing and final processing and CRM activities.

Seamlessly connects Key Suppliers in the value chain with a two way communication channel to integrate their fulfillment process.

This new service is designed for  AMC’s (Appraisal Management Cos.) Title Insurers and Real Estate Law Firms to provide you the right client, property and mortgage details at the right time without manual intervention.

Newton continuously reviews Security and Access Control.

IP Whitelisting may be required for connectivity to Newton API Web Services. Note: this is limited to a reasonable number and we do not, as per policy, whitelist entire ranges. If a large range is required for your solution, a HTTP proxy service may offer you a work around. This would allow you to have a Static IP(s), which we can accommodate, if required.

The Newton Ecosystem

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