Join the Digital Lender Marketplace.

Link Lender delivers digital credit applications and supporting documents from brokers you want to do business with.

Link lender receives digital broker originated credit applications from multiple submission platforms, manages your documents, keeps track of your “to do” lists, and retains a history of all correspondences and actions for you.

Connected Lender Badges

We’re providing a selection of connected Lender badges for you to use in your print and digital marketing campaigns.

Logos are provided in both EPS and PNG format.

Connect to all Mortgage Brokers

Access all brokers on Filogix Expert and Newton Velocity submission platforms.

Transition into the Digital World

Receive applications, credit reports and supporting documents right on your Deal Dashboard in the secure Cloud.

Update your processes

Ensure that you’re meeting current client consent framework regarding the sharing of personal content over fast, efficient and safe digital channels.

Deliver investors a line of sight

Show investors elevated underwriting practices and a loan quality that’s never been seen before in the Mortgage Investment Corporation (MIC) space.

Pay when you play

Enjoy a complete Digital Loan Operating System (LOS) as a variable expense that’s only paid for when you advance a loan.

We Improve, You Improve

Enhancements, improvements and upgrades made to the system are included without charge. Training and support materials will be provided well in advance to the date we go-live with new system enhancements.

Additional Benefits

  • Built in Document Management
  • Pre-filled Commitments and Conditions to eliminate data entry
  • Connectivity to Default Insurers (CMHC and Genworth)
  • Connectivity to Equifax and TransUnion credit reporting agencies


Only $199/mo

Plus 6 bps on funded volume

  • Payable monthly in arrears
  • Funded mortgages in any given month are determined by Newton based on Lender’s Funding Report and other information available to Newton
  • Monthly funded mortgage volumes start at $0 each month (e.g. prior volumes do not apply). There is no carry over of unused volume from month to month.

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