Making payroll for mortgage brokerages easy

EZ Payroll makes it easy to collect, distribute and account for all income received. We automate the payroll process with low-cost, cutting-edge technologies so that brokerage owners can distribute pay to brokers/agents as frequently as they choose

Save $1000s

Eliminate most of the hours you currently devote to payroll and monthly accounting by automating all repetitive tasks for each pay period. We provide thoughtfully executed tracking and reporting directly onto your Dashboard.

EZ Payroll lets you pay your people in 3 easy steps:

  1. Enter the income into EZ Payroll
  2. Generate a commission report
  3. Process the deposit electronically or by cheque

Manage all Expenses & Payments

EZ Payroll manages all brokerage and broker expenses, providing you with up-to-date income statements with built-in reporting.

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