Welcome Aboard the Velocity Train!

Whether you’re new to Velocity or looking to take your knowledge to the next level, the Velocity train will get you there at high speed.

Google Chrome as your default browser

Download Chrome and make it your default browser

Intro To Your Homepage

Watch the video to learn how to navigate your Homescreen, left-side menu bar and access the Help Centre.

Online Application

We’ve improved the online application experience with a new intuitive journey that your clients will want to go on

Input A New App

This video will guide you through entering an application in Velocity.

Client Consent for Credit

Generating your consent form and sending it out to sign is super easy!

Velocity Application Quick Tips & Tricks

Minimize the learning curve & reduce the time it takes to fill out a mortgage app in Velocity with these quick tips and tricks


Down Payment

Watch this video to learn about the two ways to add in the down payment in a Velocity application.


Credit Bureau

Pull an Equifax or Transunion credit report in Velocity

Co-Broker / Participants

Co-Broker / Participants


Second Mortgage

Requesting a second mortgage is easy in Velocity

Update or Resubmit to Lender, which one do I use?

Lenders may require that you Resubmit an application or Update the deal.


Track Leads

A lead is a future / potential client. Find out how to covert a lead to an application.