Welcome to the Intermediate Line!

Now that you’ve got the basics and have submitted your first five applications, it’s time to get into the fun stuff.

Enhanced Bundle/Add-On Services

Save money through Velocity's Enhanced Bundle! Access all 4 of our add-on services for a low cost of $79/month or individually!

Modern or Classic Deal Screen View

Modern or Classic Deal Screen View

Tailor Your Settings

Watch this quick video to learn how to customize your Velocity account and make it your own.

Email Signature

Find out how to set up your email signature in Velocity.

Client Portal

The Client Portal is an easily navigable online portal where clients can securely upload docs from any device

Calendar Sync / Options

Learn how to sync Velocity with your Google Calendar!

Create Conditions List

Watch the quick video to learn how to create a conditions list

Email Conditions List

Request conditions directly from Velocity and provide your clients with an easy and secure way to share their documents with you!

Property Validation

Fast-track your approvals by using our integrated Property Validation.

Upload / Convert Documents

Upload documents to your Conditions and convert them to PDF

Direct Document Submission

Securely submit supporting documentation directly from Velocity to the lender!

Direct to Solicitor (Documents)

Send your client documents in Velocity directly to your solicitor!

Solicitor Direct Connect

Refer your clients, save time, and securely move data and docs!

Manage Deal Statuses – From Lead To Complete

Watch this quick video to learn how to go from a prospective lead to a funded deal and properly update your deal statuses.

eSign (DocuSign & OneSpan)

Velocity is integrated with the most advanced and trusted eSign provider in the industry, DocuSign!

EZ Account Access (collect client’s bank statements online)

Lender-Accepted Down Payment Confirmation Is Just A Few Clicks Away with EZ Account Access