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eSign Documents Right From Your Deal Screen

Clients can now sign documents on-the-go from any device significantly minimizing the time and effort involved, allowing you to get your final approval faster!

Please note that eSign is a pay-for-use service. You can purchase credits one of two ways:

  1. Individually in bundles
  2. As part of our high volume Enhanced package that includes all of our pay-for-use servies at one monthly discounted price

Why eSign?

  • Electronically Accelerate the document signing process and get your deal done faster!
  • Collect documents and get signatures with significantly less effort than ever before using the Client Portal and eSign.
  • Signed, sealed, delivered! Clients sign and send documents automatically back into your Velocity application.
  • Easy to use and accessible from any device, your clients will thank you!
  • Velocity generate documents are pre-templated for eSign so all the signature fields have been placed for you allowing you to send out for signing in just a couple of clicks.

eSign FAQ

My client didn’t receive my eSign request, now what?

Double check there are no typos in the email address, then go to “Communication History” section. Click “eSign Request” and then hit “Re-send”.

How do I view the Audit Trail of my eSigned document?

To view the audit trail of an eSigned document, download the document, open it in the latest version of Adobe Reader and click Signature Panel. Watch the quick video below for more info.

How do I share the Audit Trail with my lender?