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  • Enhanced Bundle/Add-On Services

Save money through Velocity's Enhanced Bundle! Access all 4 of our add-on services for a low cost of $79/month or individually!

Velocity Enhanced Bundle

Save $1000’s each year by bundling our add-on services!

Access all 4 of our add-on services for only $79/month! Includes 4x the number of DocuSign envelopes for less then their monthly fee, plus all of our other add-ons!

The Enhanced Bundle Includes:

400 eSign Envelopes

200 EZ Account Transactions

200 Property Validation Reports

25k SMS Texts

*These are annual quantities*

Step-by-step instructions for purchasing the Velocity Enhanced Bundle:

1. From the Membership Information page click Add/Renew Subscription and select Velocity Enhanced Bundle from the dropdown.

2. Enter your personal and brokerage details, click to agree to the Terms & Conditions, and click Start.

3. Enter your credit card information and billing address, then click Subscribe and Pay.

The Enhanced Bundle is a 12-month contract. Transactions purchased are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase and will expire.

Please review our full Terms of Service which include the definitions and quantities for high volume add-on services.

Individual Add-on Services

Velocity has teamed up with cutting-edge technology providers and is pleased to offer you several Add-on Services including EZ Account Access, eSign, Twilio SMS and Property Validation, all aimed at streamlining the mortgage process for you and your clients. 

Step-by-step instructions for purchasing individual Add-on Services:

You may purchase any of our Add-on Services directly in Velocity, or from the Membership Information Page.

Directly in Velocity

1. Click Me in the top right and select Settings.

2. Under the Purchased Products section, select your desired add-on(s) and click Add.

From the Membership Information Page

1. From your Membership Information Page, hover over Add-Ons and select the service you are interested in from the dropdown.

2. Select the number you wish to purchase and click Start, then enter your credit card information and click to Subscribe and Pay.