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  • Set Up Direct Texting

Why Use Direct Texting?

  • Communication history tracking and important client information stored in a centralized location 
  • Increased read rate and faster response time
  • Use your full keyboard and avoid annoying auto-correct errors
  • Choose your own designated SMS phone number  

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Get Access To Direct Texting

1. From your Settings Page, under Twilio click “Buy Now”.

2. Follow the payment instructions then return to your Settings page

3. Choose Your SMS # – Return to your Settings Page and click the blue wheel under Twilio (you may need to give the page a quick refresh first)

4. Type in your preferred area code > then choose the number you would like from the drop down menu > click Purchase (nothing will be charged).

5. You’re all set to start sending SMS through Velocity! Watch the video for more info on the next steps.