• VelocityCRM
  • Overview

Transform Your Mortgage Business with VelocityCRM - Our Cutting-Edge CRM Solution!

VelocityCRM is designed to help you grow your business, and maintain strong relationships with clients – effortlessly! Whether it’s leveraging your existing client database for new opportunities or expanding your reach to find prospects, VelocityCRM equips you with the essential tools for success.

Say hello to a more efficient, productive, and profitable future with VelocityCRM.

  • Stay in touch with your clients with customized automated messaging via email and SMS!
  • Customize your automated email with our flexible template creator. Either get creative and make your own, or use our turn key templates pre-made for you.
  • ‘Build Reporting’ is a customizable reporting system that will allow you to pull reports based off of any fields you choose and filter it straight into a campaign audience. Want to pull a report on all client’s birthdays? No problem! Want to mine your data to target potential reverse mortgage clients? Done!
  • Our CRM Console allows you to keep track of your activity; measuring the success and impact CRM is making on your business.