• VelocityCRM
  • Overview

Overview of what the new CRM is all about

Newton is excited to bring you a CRM system designed to work perfectly with the deal flow process you use day in, and day out. We’re working day and night to bring you all of the amazing features you see below. For the ease of introduction, these features will be introduced in piecemeal over the next few months.

The defining feature of the new CRM is to not only help you run your business, but also get new business.

  • Stay in touch with your clients with customized automated messaging in every medium, including text, phone, email, social media, and snail mail (back in Vogue!).
  • Simple deal close out process to make maintaining your database as easy as could be.
  • The integrated contact page allows you to manage all of your CRM communications straight from one central source.
  • Customize your automated email with our flexible template creator. Either get creative and make your own, or use our turn key templates pre-made for you by the Newton Design Team. Office and network themed templates will be available as well.
  • ‘Build Reporting’ is a customizable reporting system that will allow you to pull reports based off of any fields you choose and filter it straight into a campaign audience. Want to pull a report on all client’s birthdays? No problem! Want to mine your data to target potential reverse mortgage clients? Done!