Canada’s most advanced mortgage application and document intake system.

Learn how to make the most of Velocity’s latest enhancement.

Client Talking Points Brochure

We have created a guide with the main benefits and the best ways on how to position them with your clients.

Setting up Your Online Application

Our new Client Experience focuses on making it as easy as possible for your clients to provide the right information up front.

Client Experience Templates

We now provide templates streamed by application purpose - buying a home, refinancing a home, or renewing a mortgage.
You can expand on the templates by creating your own additional templates to meet your specific needs

Condition Groups and Custom Conditions

Condition groups can be set up to assign multiple conditions in your Client Experience. To save some time, create condition groups for the types of mortgages that you do more often.

Intuitive Document Requests (Smart Rules)

Intuitive document requests will be made of the client(s) based on how they provide content about their employment, income, plans for down payment/equity and properties owned during the online application process.