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  • Text Directly from Velocity

Get customers to see your messages sooner, and get faster responses by texting directly from Velocity!

Why Use Direct Texting?

  • Communication history tracking and important client information stored in a centralized location 
  • Increased read rate and faster response time
  • Use your full keyboard and avoid annoying auto-correct errors
  • Choose your own designated SMS phone number  

SMS is available for purchase through our Enhanced Bundle, or individually. For more information and instructions on purchasing, click here!


To set up your Twilio SMS phone number:

1. From your Velocity homepage, click Me and select Settings from the dropdown 

2. In the Twilio section, click Buy Now! and enter your details to purchase Twilio.

3. Head to your Settings in Velocity, in the Twilio section click the blue wheel, enter your preferred area code, then choose one of the options available to use as your designated SMS number.

To send texts through Velocity:

Lead or Contact

1. From the search bar on the top of your screen, search the contact your looking for and open their contact card, and click SMS.

2. Write your message and click send!

From a Deal

1. From the Conditions and Documents section of an application click Actions, and under SMS select Send Message.

2. Select the borrower who you want to send the message to, enter your message and click Send.

You can schedule a text message, by adding an SMS task into a deal, setting up an SMS workflow, or creating an SMS campaign through Velocity CRM!