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  • Modern or Classic Deal Screen View

Modern or Classic Deal Screen View

Velocity has two different deal screens that you can choose from, the Classic and Modern view.

You can easily switch from one to the other in the upper right hand corner of the deal screen. The current version you are viewing will be highlighted in blue.

You can also select which screen view you want to be your default on your Settings Page.

Are you more Modern or Classic?

  • Velocity’s Classic View looks a lot like Expert for those brokers who have a hard time acclimatizing themselves to something new.
  • The Modern View is just as it’s name states, more slick and up-to-date with current technological standards. It’s Velocity’s version of what a deal screen should look like.

Why do people love the Modern View?

  • It’s customizable – you can choose the order that you want the categories to be displayed in on your Settings Page.
  • It contains all of the need-to-know details at the top of the screen for easy reference such as deal status, closing and conditions date.
  • The GDS/TDS are colour coded – green when under a certain amount, yellow when you’re close to the limit and red when you’re over. This isn’t by any means a hard stop, it’s just a warning.
  • There are GDS/TDS drop downs menus that display everything that went into the calculation so if you’re ever at odds with your underwriter, just click the little arrow to see what went into the calculation.
Every second counts – re-order your deal screen to suit your sales process.

GDS / TDS Breakdown

*The drop downs are also available in the Classic View.

One-Click Date Change

  • One-click to change the Closing and Conditions Dates. Click the little arrow to activate the pop-up date picker.

One-Click Re-assign Deal

  • One-click to change the Agent and who the deal is Assigned to. If you want someone to be able to see and work on a deal without making them the agent, you can assign the deal to them by selecting their name from the drop down menu. This is one way to co-broker a deal to someone within your own brokerage.