• Intermediate
  • Client Portal

The Client Portal is an easily navigable online portal where clients can securely upload docs from any device

Update: the Client Portal has recently received a facelift in order to unify branding with the online app

Clients can upload on-the-go from their mobile camera role and all docs are auto-converted to PDF.  The uploaded docs appear directly in your Velocity deal minimizing steps as you won’t have to download, save, or upload them. From there you’ll then be able to edit them as you see fit and send to the lender.

Just a FEW of the benefits

  • Simple & Secure
  • Speeds-up the mortgage application & approval process
  • Auto converts all docs to PDF (jpg, png, docx)
  • Split, move and merge docs inside Velocity
  • Skip the scanner! Upload from any device

I’ve been using the Client Portal and even though I didn’t think it would be for everyone I’ve had 100% success with it. Clients find it easier, more secure and it’s plain and simple to see what I’m asking them for and what they have left to send.

– Rebecca Casey, DLC