Client Portal Receives A Facelift – Plus The Ability To Resend eSign Requests

In the first step towards building an improved client experience, the Client Portal has been given a makeover to make it tighter and brighter (hint: more to come!).

What’s New?

  • Glow up –  a brand new look and feel that matches the Client Journey unifying your client facing assets 
  • Customizable  Add your own logo and instructional notes (via the Velocity Profile Page)
  • More user friendly – Requested Documents are now in the top left corner for ease of navigation
  • Completeness tracking  – Red exclamation marks that clearly outline missing documents

Plus, the fan favourite status bar will remain!

Resend eSign Requests

 eSign request got lost in the mail? Previously distributed eSign requests can now be resent from the System Email History section of a deal. 

Free eSign For Everyone

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