• Getting Started
  • Account Registration / Termination

Register For A New Account Or Terminate An Existing One

New to Velocity?

Choose from one of the two options below.

Option 1: Entire office new to Velocity

Ask your broker owner to see if your office has been previously onboarded. If it has, then the set up process will be much faster. If it hasn’t, please have your broker owner send in an inquiry to newtononboarding@newton.ca.

Option 2: Office already on Velocity, just need a new account

To register a new account for an office that’s already been onboarded, please follow the steps below.

Please note: all requests must come from the broker owner.

STEP 1: Complete the attached Velocity Onboarding spreadsheet with the required information. 

  • Important information required: name, email address, role (admin, associate, broker or assistant), as well as Expert profile ID and username. 
Why do we require Expert account information? 

In order to prevent any down time, Newton has access to multiple channels with both our direct and indirect submissions to lenders. For this reason, we require your Expert username and profile ID.

Equifax – If the agent has an individual account and they won’t be covered under your office, it’s important to provide their Equifax number and security code. Without this information, they will not be able to pull bureaus.  

STEP 2: Broker owner send the completed Excel form in an email to the designated party (network dependent).

Please be sure to include the subject line: “Velocity: New user registration, agent name, firm code”

STEP 3: Advise your agent to register for training

It’s never too early! Sign up for our Live Online Training sessions that cover every level and topic. Pre-recorded versions are also available if you can’t make the training date or are eager to get going. 

Terminate an Existing Account

To attrition an agent from your office, broker owners should follow the process below.

Send in an email to the designated individual (network dependent) with the subject line “Termination Request – username – firm code”.

Specify the date of termination plus any special instructions regarding additional access the agent may require for a period of time.

For example: the agents last day in the office is __, please provide additional access to files for 60 days but remove the ability to submit and pull credit bureaus.

RECA Document Compliance

For new brokerages in Alberta, or recently audited, please find the attached confirmation letter below for your document storage.