Just Launched!

Calculators Directly in Velocity

After much anticipation, we are pleased to announce that we have launched five new calculators to help you give better advice to your clients, all from one system.

“I was a hardcore Expert user until December 2019 when I finally (and thankfully) made the switch to Velocity and I have never looked back (except, that is, to use Expert’s calculators). That was until now! With the launch of Velocity’s Calculator’s and Scenario Builder right in the system, my team will never have the frustrating task of logging into Expert again. Velocity is leaps and bounds a far superior system. The tools that we are given from Velocity to help drive our business are second to none, and these calculators are the icing on the cake! Huge thanks to the team at Newton Velocity for always striving to give us more!”

Leslie Morris – Broker/Owner, DLC Forest City Funding

Scenario Builder

The Scenario Builder allows you to present different options to your customer as their trusted advisor. Compare mortgage rates, terms, payment frequencies, and amortization during your client consultations. You have the ability to select a preferred scenario and demonstrates pros and cons against the other comparisons.

Mortgage customers and professionals have been using Bendigi Calculators for some time through their award-winning Canadian Mortgage App.

These four calculators allow you to make the mortgage transparent to your client.

Bendigi Calculators

With the Mortgage Calculator, you can demonstrate the amount of principal reduction from each payment made over the term and a comprehensive Amortization Schedule that can show the effects of changing the payment frequency of the mortgage to payoff faster.

The other three Bendigi Calculators illustrate the true costs of purchasing a home from the mortgage one choses, to the closing cost, to the transfer tax. Arming your clients with all the things that they can expect shines a brighter light on you as the trusted mortgage advisor.