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Become A Video Conferencing Pro – Zoom For Everyone

Great Client Interactions Don’t Have To Be In-Person With the ‘new normal’ of serving clients from a distance, Newton is helping you deliver as close to a face to face experience as possible, regardless of your submission platform of choice. This short video series takes you through 3 easy steps that will turn you into a […]

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Velocity Can Now Connect To Your Email

You Ask, We Deliver You can now set your client facing emails sent from the system to display your own email address in the ‘From:’ field instead of  We had many requests for this and we just wanted to let you know that we heard you, and we’re here to deliver. Further Instructions  This customization applies to […]

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New Lender Alert – Antrim Investments

We’re proud to announce that you can now submit deals to Antrim Investments through Velocity and Expert.  A pioneer in the Private Lending Market, Antrim Investments has been helping self-employed, stated-income and low-beacon clients obtain mortgage financing for over 45 years. Antrim’s mortgage products are specifically designed for clients who have built up substantial equity in their property but for one reason or another cannot […]

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Introducing Althub – Canada’s Leading Alternative Mortgage Marketplace

Join Us for a Discovery Session We will be hosting online zoom sessions in the coming weeks to showcase Althub. Please use the link below to register. Althub connects Brokers and Lenders in a secure, anonymous, digital space to submit and bid on Alternative Mortgage Deals. For Lenders Find optimal applications to bid on that match […]

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Newton Is Giving Back – Have You Got Access To Free eSign Yet?

In case you haven’t heard, Newton is giving back the best way we know how – with job enhancing technology. We understand the challenge that most people are currently facing without access to scanners or printers at home, and we want to help. In an effort to encourage you and your clients to stay home safe , we’re […]

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Free, Unlimited Access to eSign

Starting today, in order to help Mortgage Brokers and their Clients stay at home and remain safe, Newton will be offering free unlimited access to eSign until Dec. 31st, 2020.  We understand the challenge that most people are currently facing without access to scanners or printers at home, and we want to help. Not only do […]

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Velocity Reaches $4 Billion In Monthly Submissions

Velocity has reached a new record and we have you to thank for that. It is only through your continued support and feedback that we’ve managed to turn the system into the preferred submission platform that it is today. March 2019 we were celebrating a record of $1 billion in monthly submissions and we are eternally […]

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New Lender Alert: Moskowitz Capital

You can now submit directly to Moskowitz Capital through Velocity and Expert Moskowitz Capital provides non-traditional mortgages that allow individuals and businesses to capture lucrative opportunities that far exceed the cost of capital. What sets us apart from other sources of funds is that we are a ‘storybook lender’, meaning we listen to your story […]

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‘My Day’ – Daily Task Manager on Steroids Plus Amped Up Modern View

Learn All About ‘My Day’ We know how busy your days can get so say hello to ‘My Day’ where you can view and manage all your day-to-day tasks! In conjunction with the calendar in Velocity, My Day offers you a detailed list of all the tasks you have for the day organized in the different topics they fall […]

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