Starting this Monday, February 1st until June 30th, 2021 we’re making it easier to get your client’s income documents upfront with FREE NOA and tax document collection through two premier NOA providers when you submit your application through Velocity. 
Make it simple for your clients and easy for your lender with income confirmation provided upfront. Velocity makes it possible with free access to both EasyNOA and SnapNOA services where they send us the bill instead of you. 

How Does It Work?

The process is straightforward. Both providers will continue with their normal client consent and authorization process except the order will be placed through their designated ordering pages (linked below). The only additional information required is the Velocity deal number.
Designated Ordering Pages: 
Important Note: Transaction costs are covered by Newton only when the dedicated web page order process is completed and the client application for which the NOA documents are requested for is submitted electronically from Velocity to a marketplace lender. All other ordering processes will be at the customers expense.

Free eSign + EZ Account Access 

Don’t forget, we still have two months left of our free eSign and EZ Account Access promotion.

Instructions: In order to activate this awesome promotion, be sure to enter the promo code for both eSign and EZ Account Access. If you’ve already entered it for the previous months of the promotion, then your free access will be automatically extended.

Promotion end date: March 31st, 2021