New Advanced Search and Property Validation

Plus, The First Steps Towards Open Architecture With Developer Focused VelocityAPI

Advanced Search Function

We’ve made a MAJOR improvement to your user experience: starting today, when you log into your Velocity you’ll be able to search by pretty much anything you want. Look at the top of your Velocity screen to find your new favourite feature. 
  • Search results will be ordered by closing date and categorized by deal, contact and lead for ease of navigation
  • Use the Advanced search function to search by phone #, holding company, lender reference #, subject property address or current address, email, etc.
Search results will be ordered by closing date and categorized by deal, contact and lead
Use the Advanced Search function to search by phone #, holding company, lender ref #, address, etc.

Property Validation

Validate the Property Details and get the deal fast-tracked by Lenders.

Click the green Validate button in the Subject Property section of your deal to create an Opta Residential Report. Simply click to view or download your report or add it to the Conditions and Documents section of the deal. 

Developer Focused VelocityAPI

Ask your developer to get you set up with VelocityAPI
  • Get your own online application to feed directly into Velocity
  • Populate Web or CRM based leads with one point data entry
  • Receive automated notifications on all web-based data ingestions
  • Integrate your current forms  
Get your technical team to check out our Developers Site