New Lender Alert – First Source

You can now submit directly to First Source Mortgage Corp. through Velocity and Expert.

First Source is an Ontario Private Lender providing financing commonly up to $15 million and larger for property and projects in the Greater Toronto Area and surrounding urban areas.  Since 2007, First Source has been supporting mortgage brokers, real estate advisers, as well as builders and developers with innovative mortgage lending solutions. 

Types of Financing

First Source offers Creative Lending Solutions to fund a wide range of properties including: (Preference $500k and up)

 ·       Commercial (existing and construction over $500k)
·       Residential (existing and construction over $500k)
·       Retail Plazas
·       Store and Apartments
·       Condominium  and Free hold Developments
·       Apartment Buildings
·       Office Buildings
·       Certain Special Purpose Real Estate including gas stations
·       Flagged Hotels & Other Hospitality Real Estate Selectively
·       Industrial ( land, owner occupied, leased free standing and condo)
·       Cottage Properties Selectively
·       Retirement Homes Selectively
·       Zoned Land
·       Unzoned Land for Residential Development

We understand the needs of the brokerage & agent community for non-bank borrowers and their requirements. We also understand the needs of builders and developers. With us, can expect an excellent experience.

·       Speedy file review upon receipt of your submission
·       Quick assessment and quotation
·       Near immediate issuance of a term sheet upon receipt of information and assessment or go directly to commitment
·       Competitive pricing
·       Broker and/or agent fees protected and written into every deal commencing at the Letter of Interest Stage
·       Assistance in setting borrower expectations
·       We work hard for you in order to find a way to make a deal
·       You deal directly with the decision makers
·       Always available for attending borrower meetings
·       Commitments that match the terms of our Letter of Interest – “No Surprises”

Lending in Urban Areas from London Ontario through Kitchener, Waterloo, Hamilton, the GTA, Barrie and East to and including Ottawa.