Uploading Your Data Into Velocity Couldn’t Be Easier

Introducing The Uploader!


Got a one-off deal that you want to get in right away, some deals that didn’t make it in the initial transfer, or looking to improve your Contact List from old CSV files or Excel spreadsheets? Want all of your Expert CSV data imported and auto mapped in Velocity? Introducing The Uploader!

You now have more control than ever before over your data imports into Velocity. Leads, Contacts and Deals can be easily imported anywhere, anytime.

See training material below.


 How does it work?


Using The Uploader is easy! Simply select which type of data you would like to upload (contact, lead or deal), upload a file and review, edit and save the spreadsheet.

The smart software is then able to map the data importing it into your Historical Deals using your field designations. From there you can transfer your data to your Velocity Dashboard and get your deals going in no time!

The Uploader accepts Excel, CSV and JSON Files.

Stay Tuned! This is just one of the exciting new enhancements we have in store for empowering you and your business.

Training Materials for the Uploader: