Velocity Training

At Newton, we offer various types of training for every learning style.

From a first time login orientation to short video tutorials on our YouTube channel we offer you the opportunity to learn at your preferred pace. Regular webinar training is provided for all levels, from “Getting Started” through to “Advanced.”

We offer group and/or in office face to face training with one of our Training Specialists in major urban centres.

EZ Account Access

‘I want to get my client’s down payment confirmed as fast as possible.’

This demonstration will show you how easy it is to gather client’s bank account statements using EZ Account Access.

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Getting Started with Velocity

‘I have my login and my previous deals have been imported, now what?’

This is a great orientation session to get you started with completing your settings and profile, navigating your homepage and menu bars, finding your online application form link, creating your email signature and submitting a deal.

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Intermediate Training

‘I’ve figured out how to submit applications, now I want to do more!’

This intermediate training will take you through how to move a deal from approved to funded, creating conditions lists and completing compliance documents.

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The Client Portal

This session will show you how to automate your conditions lists and significantly simplify the document transfer process with Smart Conditions and The Client Portal.

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Advanced Training

‘I want to deliver my clients WOW experiences, and shape Velocity to meet my needs!’

These various advanced sessions will take you to another level of use with setting up your CRM system, optimizing your database, and moving from prospect to funded.

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Coffee Break Training Sessions

In the time that it takes to have a coffee break, we’ll teach you how to improve your mortgage business.

Watch our previous session and stay tuned for our next one!

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