Introducing our Customer Recognition Program

We are excited to announce the creation of a brand new recognition program within Newton for our key Velocity customers, they are;

MVP Council & MVP

The MVP Council is an elite group of long term advocates and early adopters of Velocity. They are brought together formally 3-4 times per year to get a sneak peek of larger new enhancements to the system and to provide their feedback and input to ensure that Velocity continues to be a solution shaped and influenced by its customers. 

Our MVP’s are Council members together with the balance of our Top 100 Velocity customers form our most prestigious MVP group. These are the people that have had the largest volume of mortgage transactions advanced over their lifetime with Velocity as their chosen platform and this group has been instrumental in shaping the present and future of Velocity. 


This important group includes our Top 250 Velocity customers as measured by their lifetime of advanced mortgages with Velocity as their chosen platform.

All Star

Rounding out our recognition groups are our All Stars which represent the Top 500 Velocity customers as measured by their lifetime advanced mortgages with Velocity as their chosen platform.

It is our intention to first share with the appropriate customers what recognition group they are a member of and thank them for their continued support and advocacy. Then come the perks and bonuses! The fun part as most people would say. We do intend to socialize the group members and attempt to get members to promote their inclusion with the badges you see in this email. 

I hope if you are reading this and you are not yet in one of our Elite Top 500 recognition groups that you become inspired and driven to make it into one in the coming months.


Geoff Willis – President & CEO.