eSign Improvements For The MPP Form

Update To eSign For MPP Form
X Marks The Spot

When given an option to choose between two boxes such as with the MPP Form, a new multi-option Radio Button has been added that places an X in the box of signer’s choosing while leaving the other one blank.

Afraid they’ll miss it? Make it required – even required radio buttons will allow them to select one or the other. 

Note: MPP will accept an X in place of initialling a box as the Radio Button is tied to a signature (along with all other fields such as initial, date and text). See below for how to find the Signature Audit Trail. 

How do I view the Audit Trail of my eSigned document?

To view the audit trail of an eSigned document, download the document, open it in the latest version of Adobe Reader and click Signature Panel.

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