Exciting CRM and Client Experience Updates

Ready, aim, fire! We’ve got some new VelocityCRM updates for you with more exact status targeting, increased opportunities to connect, and newly added templates. Also new today, the Client Experience is now tied to Lead creation, and upgrades have been made to the British Columbia and Nova Scotia disclosure documents. Read on to get the deets.

VelocityCRM – What’s New?

  • Refined status targets
    • Target campaigns to send to an exact deal status
  • Capitalize on leads 
    • Contact based campaigns now allow you to target your leads
  • Additional Templates 
    • New templates have been added to your pre-set defaults in both French and English
  • CRM Campaign instructional updates for ease of use 
  • Additional conditions provide more opportunities to connect 
    • ALL of the following trigger points are now at your fingertips for enhanced automated communications with your clients and referral partners 

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Client Experience – Lead Creation

  • Now, every time you send out a Client Experience a new Lead will be auto-generated in your system
  • The Lead will update to a Contact once the application has been received

What Else is New?

  • Nova Scotia Disclosure – calculation and UI updates 
  • British Columbia Fixed Credit Disclosure – “Other” has been added to the Charges section 
  • Production Reports – Users can drill down to deal level
  • Communications History – updates