Homeowner’s Insurance Mortgage Condition – Satisfied

A message from the desk of Geoff Willis:

At Newton, we focus on improving your client’s homeownership experience by simplifying critical mortgage conditions. One such condition in every transaction is the confirmation of a satisfactory Homeowner’s Insurance Policy.
Beginning with a small pilot group and expanding to all firms over the coming weeks, we are amending our client facing consent in the Velocity Client Journey (online application) to include an ‘opt-in’ for mortgage applicants to receive a no cost, no obligation, homeowner’s insurance quotation for their subject property (see written consent below). This client connection and subsequent quotation will take place when the mortgage has been approved for financing.
The fulfillment process will be provided by our partners at Opta Intel which represents Canada’s premier property insurance providers, and there is no work or effort required by any of the Velocity Mortgage Brokers or Agents outside of providing the client with the consent.
We believe that by including this opt-in right upfront, you are proactively assisting your clients in connecting with a valued insurance provider for a policy that is conditional with their mortgage commitment. It is one less responsibility for the client to have to search out required coverage prior to completing their mortgage.
Newton respects your right as a brokerage to opt-out of this additional consent and we will be providing you with the steps to remove this consent inclusion as the Broker Admin within your Velocity instance.
If you have any questions, concerns or comments regarding this new consent addition and/or the homeowner’s insurance offering from Opta Intel, please do not hesitate to contact with me directly.

Email: geoff.willis@newton.ca
Phone: (416) 620-2694 or (604) 657-9195