Fulfilling the most challenging approval condition (down payment) just got easier!

With our secure online banking portal, clients can access their various accounts from every major financial institution on any device. Lender-accepted down payment confirmation is just a few clicks away with EZ Account Access.


  • It’s Convenient! Clients can access multiple F.I.’s and accounts using only one link on any device.

  • It’s secure! EZ Account Access uses the best in class technology of the leading financial data gateway provider in Canada (Flinks.io).

  • It’s built right into the Velocity Client Portal and integrated in the document collection process.

  • It minimizes the risk of losing a mortgage to a client’s bank branch when they go in to obtain account activity statements

Client Language / Messaging

  • Get final approval faster! Down payment confirmation is the most challenging lender condition to meet. EZ Account Access is designed to make it faster and easier for you to share your key account information.

  • Be in control!  You choose which financial institutions and account statements to share through one secure link.

  • Don’t waste time lining up at the bank or going through mail to get statements!

  • Take security precautions! Send your most private documents over the most secure means of transmission.

How Does It Work?

Learning how to use this new feature is easy with our helpful training materials.

Step by Step Instructions

Have questions? Checkout or FAQ page for important information.