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Tired of the tedious and time-consuming process of collecting client’s documents?

Us too! That’s why we’ve created the Client Portal. Velocity’s Client Portal simplifies the document transfer process helping to save time & energy on mortgage applications.

It’s an easily navigable online portal where clients can securely upload docs from any device. They can even upload on-the-go from their mobile camera role as docs are auto-converted to PDF.  The documents will then appear directly in your Velocity deal minimizing steps as you won’t have to download, save, or upload them. From there you’ll then be able to edit them as you see fit and send to the lender.

Just a FEW of the benefits to the Client Portal:

  • Simple & Secure
  • Speeds-up the mortgage application & approval process
  • Auto converts all docs to PDF (jpg, png, docx)
  • Split, move and merge docs inside Velocity
  • Skip the scanner! Upload from any device

“I have just recently had the opportunity to use the Client Portal and was very happy with how easy it was to send my client a document request package and even more pleased that they were able to easily upload those documents right into the application, I then quickly reviewed them and was able to get the Pre-Qualification ready in very short order!”

Tony Rossander, Origin Mortgages

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