Fisgard + Velocity = Faster Approvals!

Fisgard + Velocity = Faster Approvals!

Submit through Velocity and have your deal move up to top of the underwriting queue!

With the next round of B20 guidelines heading our way private/alternative lenders such as Fisgard have never been this busy. Significantly increased volumes typically results in longer turnaround times when deals are submitted via ‘old school’ methods.

Deal submission technology such as Newton’s Velocity takes away lengthy data entry time and speeds up the underwriters deal adjudication
process getting you an answer much faster.

Fisgard + Velocity = Faster Approvals!

Fisgard underwriting tips

  • Fully documented applications will be underwritten first
  • Purchase’ applications will take priority over ‘Refinance’ applications
  • Fisgard will cancel commitments that are not returned by the commitment expiry date so get your commitments and documentation in on time!



Submit your next file to Fisgard through

Every submission gets a chance to win a $500 gift card courtesy of your Fisgard team.

** All submissions will receive a ballot into a draw to win. Draw date will be the first working day of 2018. The perfect way to take care of that holiday spend.