Safeguarding Your Data, Privacy & Consent Terms

Attention: All Canadian Mortgage Brokers & Agents

This letter’s purpose is to draw your attention to how committed Newton is to safeguarding your data, protecting privacy and acting only on expressly provided consents when sharing data with third parties.

We demonstrate this commitment by providing all Mortgage Brokers and Agents with an explicit Privacy Policy outlining how our subscribers own their data and that we are simply safeguarding its content and act only on consent provided by our subscribers to share data with lenders and other key suppliers in the mortgage approval process.

Our Policy terms match or exceed those provided in federal and provincial legislation. These are further communicated in our contracted terms with Canada’s major banks and mortgage lenders with whom we have representations, warranties and security provisions to maintain.

Newton goes further with a terms of service document we ask all new subscribers to accept prior to activating their Velocity account, outlining support, access, liability and intellectual property rights.

These documents can be found on our website at by scrolling to the bottom of our Home Page. You can also link to these pages directly.

Privacy Policy              
Terms of Service          

If you would like to discuss, provide input or require any clarification on any of these policies contents, I invite you to contact me directly at or call me any time at 604-657-9195

Yours Truly,

Geoff Willis
President & CEO