Great new enhancements to Velocity are on their way!

On Monday May 15th, you will see some great enhancements to Velocity all in preparation for your direct submissions to lenders.  This upgrade will allow you to have the option of choosing a different application view called Classic View.  This give you a look that you will all be “familiar” with.  You are in the drivers seat to decide what suits you best.

You will see many new fields to this upgrade which include GDS/TDS Calculations as well as more fields to Expert or direct to lenders.

Please let us know if you would like to pull your own credit bureaus inside Velocity or be setup to submit directly to lenders.

Velocity Release Notes – v2.1.1x
May 15, 2017

  • Updated: Lender Selections
  • Updated: Submission product and submission rate separated from CRM Products
  • Added: Lender menu option under Administration
  • Fixed: Totalling of CRM Products should work properly now
  • Updated: Menu links for Deal should no longer refresh the page
  • Updated: Liabilities will no longer set a payment for items pulled with $0 balance
  • Fixed: Add product updated
  • Updated: GDS/TDS numerous updates
  • Updated: Skipping status updates should update previous dates to the current status date
  • Updated: Submit to Lender is now hidden if there is no submissions agents selected for the lender