Industry First Technology Announcement – Solicitor Direct Connect

We are excited to announce our Solicitor Direct Connect through Velocity. This connection gives you the ability to refer your clients to the solicitor earlier, allowing for a faster completion of the mortgage transaction. We have partnered with two best in-class real estate law firms, Spagnuolo & Company LLP, servicing British Columbia, as well as Diamond & Diamond Lawyers LLP, servicing Alberta and Ontario.

This connection eliminates the need for a broker to make a client referral to a law firm manually. This saves them time, provides convenience and securely moves confidential data and documents concerning your clients from Velocity to the firm with one-click.

“Newton is pleased to partner first with two firms that are synonymous with first class client service and both are keen to improve their processes for their Broker customers. Our new Supplier API will serve as the standard for connecting multiple key partners in the mortgage value chain in future, streamlining the sharing of data and documents securely and from your one selected operating platform, Velocity.”

Geoff Willis – President & CEO of Newton Connectivity Systems.

The initial law firms selected hold longstanding pedigrees in real estate legal services. They both have served over 5000 customers last year alone.

“Spagnuolo & Company LLP is proud to be recognized as a best in-class law firm and excited to partner with Newton and bring our high standards of client care, professionalism and responsiveness to Velocity. Our firm is continually striving to improve our processes and streamline the intake and management of files from our Broker partners. With this new technology, we anticipate further deepening our connections with trusted partners, helping data flow more freely and securely, as well as making the entire process more efficient. We look forward to working with Newton to ensure that we bring value and close more deals for our Broker partners.”

Tony Spagnuolo – Managing Partner of Spagnuolo & Co. LLP.

“Diamond and Diamond Lawyers is honoured to be chosen as one of the first real estate law firms in the country, with offices across Canada, to be part of Newton’s Solicitor Direct Connect initiative. Given the high volume of mortgage agents who already trust our people and process, this enhanced connectivity, will only serve to make the entire mortgage transaction more transparent and seamless for our mutual client, the borrower. We, along with all those involved in the initial launch, look forward to helping reshape how an end to end mortgage transaction is conducted in this country.”

Sanjay Soni – Senior Counsel, Business Development & Innovation of Diamond & Diamond Lawyers.