‘My Day’ – Daily Task Manager on Steroids Plus Amped Up Modern View

Learn All About ‘My Day’

We know how busy your days can get so say hello to ‘My Day’ where you can view and manage all your day-to-day tasks! In conjunction with the calendar in Velocity, My Day offers you a detailed list of all the tasks you have for the day organized in the different topics they fall under.

  • Get reminded of all tasks and workflows to be completed daily ensuring you don’t miss a beat
  • Preview and send pre-scripted emails right from one spot
  • SMS and Phone call pre-scripted reminders
  • Reference the associated deal’s details

Amped Up Modern View – New Look & Feel

The ever popular Modern View has been given a facelift to tighten up the top section and optimize screen space.

  • Want to send a deal to a colleague but still remain the agent? A new Assigned drop box has been added to the top to easily share deals where needed
  • The deal status colours will now correlate with those on the Dashboard
  • Yellow has been added to the GDS/TDS ratios as a CAUTION signal colour before it turns red
  • Modern and Classic buttons added to the top will now turn blue reflecting which screen view you’re in
  • The first two borrowers will be displayed at the top for quick reference