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Plus CRM Campaigns Timeline

Last week we announced that Templates and Audiences are available for you to start setting up your new VelocityCRM.
In order to start sending campaigns on the go-live date, you’re going to need templates. Check out the video below to learn how. 

Make sure to take a peek at our VelocityCRM Campaigns timeline below. 

VelocityCRM Campaigns Timeline


Set up Templates and Audiences

Thursday, April 1st – Start setting up CRM Campaigns

You’ll be able to set your CRM Campaigns targeting them to fire based off of deal flow trigger points or to a specific audience of your choosing. Please note that they won’t be live just yet.

Friday, April 8th – CRM Campaigns go live

This is the go-live date when you can officially start firing campaigns. We’ve given you a bit of leeway to get your campaigns set up without having to worry about accidentally firing campaigns that aren’t ready. 

Want to outsource some of the set up process?
All you have to do is ask!

Click below to see a list of the 5 recommended steps to get ready for VelocityCRM.