NEW Templates and Audiences

Start Building Your Templates and Audiences

We’re excited to announce that as of today, you can start setting up your new VelocityCRM Templates and Audiences. 
Templates and Audiences are one of the first steps towards getting prepared for the new CRM. A week from now, starting on launch day (April 1st), you’ll be able to set your CRM Campaigns to start firing out these templates based off of deal flow trigger points, or to a specific audience of your choosing.
To get started, access the instructional material below OR click to register for a training session. 

VelocityCRM Templates

In order to start sending out CRM Campaigns to clients, first you’re going to need a template. The template is the content within the campaign that’s going to be sent your clients.

You can choose to use one of the gorgeously designed, turn-key templates and insert your logo to make it your own, or you can get creative and build one from scratch. You decide! 

Templates training video coming soon.

VelocityCRM Audience

Create your audience lists of who you want to send your beautiful templates to. Create a list of all contacts to start sending out monthly newsletters, or make a refined list for a more targeted audience. Click here for the training instructions. 

In the works: the ability to mine your data to ‘Build’ instant audiences for your campaigns, and send CRM Campaigns that will fire based off of triggers (i.e. closing date, maturity date, new application received). 

Click below to see a list of the 5 recommended steps to get you ready for VelocityCRM.