Text Directly From Velocity

Velocity and Twilio have teamed up to bring
you programmable SMS

You use SMS as one of the fastest and most efficient modes of communication with your clients. But until today, it was only available on your mobile phone making it a challenge to keep track of incoming and outgoing text messages.

Programmable SMS integration in Velocity will completely change the way you connect with your clients. The ability to have communication tracking and important client information in one centralized location will allow for more accurate and meaningful, personalized messages. Check out the quick video below to learn more.
  • Communication history tracking and important client information stored in a centralized location
  •  Increased read rate and faster response time
  • Use of your full keyboard and avoid annoying auto-correct errors
  • Choose your own designated SMS phone number  
  • FREE of charge
Adding onto our Triple Header Promotion, Twilio is free to use in your Velocity until Dec. 31st, 2020. To gain access, just follow the instructions in this video and enter the promo code below. 

Promo Code:

As of Jan. 1st, 2021 Twilio will be available for only $50 / year.
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