Updates to New Deals Category on the Dashboard and the New Applications Ribbon

Dashboard Changes – New Applications

By popular demand we’ve made a big change to the New Deals category on the Dashboard
  • New Deals will now show new applications only (previously it displayed applications that weren’t assigned to a user)
  • All previously unassigned applications will be auto assigned to the agent on file
  • If you had previously chosen to “hide” the New Deals category, it will now be automatically applied to your Dashboard 

Increased Functionality to New Applications Ribbon

In an effort to reduce clutter and organize your To-Do’s, the New Applications Ribbon will now show externally received applications only (Public Application, Client Experience or Client Journey
  • “Mark All As Viewed” button has been added for ease of use
  • New application notification will inclusively show for all those involved on the deal (agents, assistants and associates)
  • Verify how your application was received by viewing the Source (i.e. Public Application, Client Experience or Client Journey
Only applications input directly into the system will not show up in the ribbon.