Tips & Tricks of the Mortgage App – YouTube Live Training Sessions

‘Hankey’s Helpful Hints’

Tuesday, April 2nd

Velocity’s Coffee Break Training Sessions are back with the first addition of ‘Hankey’s Helpful Hints’ on the top 5 FAQs of the Velocity mortgage application.

We asked our Customer Care and Training Departments the top learning curves of the Velocity Mortgage Application and are going to be sharing them with you in what promises to be the most useful 20 minutes you’ll ever spend watching YouTube.

In the time that it takes to have a coffee break, our Trainer / Mortgage Professional, Graeme Hankey, will teach you how to get your Velocity app and deal done faster.

Here’s What’s Brewing

  • Your Modern View questions answered
  • Mortgage Request: How to add an additional mortgage request (no 4 hour wait time!), Key Calculations 
  • Assets, Liabilities & Properties pointers: Ins & outs of Credit Bureaus in Velocity 
  • GDS / TDS calculation demystified 
  • CRM Product: What is it?, Create multiple product disclosures (i.e. for a mortgage + HELOC)


Tuesday, April 2nd at 1:30 pm & 4:30 pm EST
(10:30 am & 1:30 pm PST)


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