Better, Faster, Stronger

Newton is proud to announce that the following enhancements will be waiting for you when you login this morning.

Speed Improvements 

Significant improvements have been made for faster loading time and overall performance enhancements to the Application (both Modern and Classic View), Deals Dashboard and Home Screen. 

Conditions and Documents Section Improvements 

Now when you click “Actions” in your Conditions and Documents section, you will see an organized and improved drop down menu for ease of use. 
The header at the top of the Conditions and Documents section containing Condition, Compliance, eSign, etc. is now locked to the top of the screen. No matter how far down you scroll in the Conditions and Documents section, it will always be there for you at the top.  

Dashboard Improvements 

You can now select to view more than one status when sorting in the Dashboard Grid View to easily compare your deals.  

Disclosure Document Addition

The Material Risks document has been added under Compliance forms. This can be accessed from the left side menu bar (Compliance Docs) and from within the Conditions and Document section.
Solicitor Letter of Direction will now display an error message when trying to generate and lender is not selected.