Industry First Technology Announcement – Direct Document Submission

“Our entire Newton staff is absolutely ecstatic to launch an industry first today – one touch secure documents transfer from Velocity to First National’s MERLIN. This simple but transformative advancement will eliminate admin time and get you condition free mortgage approvals faster!

First National is the first of Newton’s connected lenders to launch this documents integration to support application submissions. We intend this industry first to become the ‘new norm’ for enhanced connections between Mortgage Brokers & Lenders during 2022.”

Geoff Willis – President & CEO of Newton Connectivity Systems

“This is really a game-changer for the mortgage community. First National has always been committed to making the entire process as efficient and secure for everyone involved in the transaction.

The Broker benefits because it is one system, one login, one process. We are driving to make this way of transferring documents the ‘new norm’ for Brokers and Agents going forward.”

Kate Henderson – VP Lender Experience of Newton Connectivity Systems

First National and Newton Collaborate on Industry-First Technology

First National has always supported Newton’s Velocity as an application delivery system for our broker partners. Today, we are very pleased to announce that you can now also securely submit supporting documentation directly from Newton’s Velocity software to First National’s MERLIN™ broker information system.

This new application streamlines document management, leaving you with more free time to grow your practice. It’s an important first for the industry.

At Velocity, we see this as a game-changer for the mortgage community as documents can now be transferred – securely – within the deal itself. One system, one login and one process will translate into faster, more condition-free approvals. We are delighted that First National has chosen to be the first lender in Canada to bring this solution to life. Collaborating with the team at FN means partnering with a long-standing market leader that is committed, like we are, to practical and effective technology solutions.

At First National, we believe this collaboration furthers our objective of improving the experience brokers have when they engage with us and enhances MERLIN’s status as the go-to web-based system in the industry. We chose to partner with Velocity because we know brokers across the country trust and rely on it extensively. We also know this innovative technology extension is fully capable of handling our growing volumes.
Please enjoy this industry-first collaboration built specifically for you.

“At First National, we are always searching for ways to enhance the experience brokers have when they engage with us. It’s why we created MERLIN™, Canada’s first web-based, real-time broker information system and it’s why we are very excited to be the first lender in Canada to seamlessly integrate the Velocity program with MERLIN.

This technology handshake means Velocity now serves as your borrower-facing portal at the front end, and at the back end, your First National-facing document portal. Speed is critically important in every transaction and this combined solution will shave precious seconds off every deal submission.”

Scott McKenzie – Senior Vice President of First National

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