New Lender Alert: Combined Mortgage  

We’re happy to announce that you can now submit mortgage applications directly to Combined Mortgage through Velocity. 

With decades of experience Combined Mortgage is Edmonton’s one-stop shop for mortgage and private lending solutions. We are an independently owned and operated boutique brokerage that helps find the right mortgage or private loans to fit your unique needs. Whether you are investing in your first home, refinancing your current loan, switching your mortgage, or consolidating debts, we give unbiased and independent advice with our goal being to find the ideal solution that meets, or exceeds, your needs. If you are in the Edmonton or surrounding area.

Call us today at (780) 994-1410 to learn how we can assist you! 

We offer the following financial services: 

  • Mortgages 
  • Rates 
  • Private Lending 
  • Other Services 

Experience and efficiency that counts! 

We have ample experience and expertise to address any situation you may be in. Our expertise means we have the flexibility, speed and knowledge to work on all types of mortgage and private loan transactions. We know your time is very valuable, so Combined Mortgage provides you with quick and efficient turnarounds on all types of mortgage transactions. 

Excellence in Every Transaction 

Our team provides excellent services in every type of mortgage and private loan transaction. We have supplied homebuyers throughout Edmonton and the surrounding areas with a variety of financial solutions. When you select Combined Mortgage to assist you, you can expect thorough and experienced advice in every transaction. Regardless of what your financing goals are, we can find the perfect solution for your unique situation. 

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