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Homes for El Salvador

El Salvador has recently suffered from severe poverty, natural disasters, and civil war.  As a result, many have been left without a home.  Alta West Capital is partnering with Shelter Canada to build 30 homes for impoverished people in El Salvador.   Newton is supporting this effort by matching all donations up to $2500.    In April of 2018 […]

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MPP 2.0

New MPP Quick Quote Enhancement Velocity is making it as easy as possible to get MPP quick quotes, submit an application and view the total payment breakdown Insurance Sales Made Simple Pull MPP Quick Quotes right within the Mortgage Request to improve your insurance sales to payment focused clients. A new Payment Summary section has been added to the Mortgage Request which clearly breaks […]

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Tips & Tricks of the Mortgage App – YouTube Live Training Sessions

‘Hankey’s Helpful Hints’ Tuesday, April 2nd Velocity’s Coffee Break Training Sessions are back with the first addition of ‘Hankey’s Helpful Hints’ on the top 5 FAQs of the Velocity mortgage application. We asked our Customer Care and Training Departments the top learning curves of the Velocity Mortgage Application and are going to be sharing them with you in what promises to be the most useful 20 […]

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Velocity & Your CRM Connect

You Asked, We Delivered Step up to a better submission platform with Velocity and we’ll automatically push your deal submissions to your network provided CRM system. Starting today, you have the ability for every new lender submission from Velocity to transfer your client information to your Client Manager, Nexa, or Eximius CRM system just as it does when you submit on Expert. […]

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eSign YouTube Live Training Sessions (Feb 27)

Velocity’s Coffee Break Training Sessions are back with eSign! In the time that it takes to have a coffee break, we’ll teach you how to get your final approval faster with simple, built-in digital signatures.  The Sessions will touch on the following  Get your deal done faster by avoiding  printers and scanners Collect signed documents easily with email updates along the way Signed, sealed […]

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Get Your Final Approval Faster with Simple, Built-In Digital Signatures Significantly minimize the time and effort involved in getting important documents signed. Signed documents are automatically loaded back into your application where you can click to review before sending them off to the lender. Benefits Get your deal done faster by avoiding tedious technology like printers and scanners. Collect […]

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Start Your New Year With A New Training System

Give us an hour and we’ll get you submitting Velocity, the DLC, MCC and MA selected submission platform is starting the New Year with a new training system to help you transition from Expert to Velocity for all of your lender application submissions. Our updated training page runs on an interactive, high speed train where you can ride one of […]

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